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About Blak’d Out

Blak’d Out is an independent Florida Based Brand founded in 2006 by Robert Lindsey which includes its subsidiary, Blak’d Out Records, which engages in a wide range of functions in the music and entertainment industry.

The Label

Formed unofficially in 2006 and officially as of 2014, Blak’d Out Records is the vision of Robert Lindsey aka “Bobby Blakdout”, a producer artist & entrepreneur who managed to break Multiple producers, artists and DJs into the EDM/Dubstep industry independently throughout 2015-2016.

Now in 2022, Blak’d Out Records, once an exclusive label for EDM and Dubstep, has now opened it’s doors and has shifted to an “OPEN GENRE” platforms. Think you have what it takes?

The Founder

A nerd at heart, Bobby Blakdout (legally born Robert Lindsey) saw through the façade and quickly realized the music industry is full of BULL. That’s when he decided to level the playing field and started signing artists in 2015, on his own dime with no support to his independent label, Blak’d Out Records.

Bobby Blakdout has since worked with Platinum and Gold RIAA Artists as well as Grammy and Academy Award Winners to help run strategic campaigns on multiple platforms like Shazam, iTunes, Genius, Billboard and Spotify to name just a few.

The Agency

Envisioning a new age for independent artists and record labels, Bobby Blakdout started his own Marketing and Consultation Agency to help other unsigned artists who have the talent and want to remain independent, but are struggling due to the lack of industry connections.

New Music

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